Our ministry is not designated as a nonprofit organization, and we have no intention of filing for 501c3 status. We are just a couple that has dedicated our lives to serving God with gratitude and thanksgiving by attending to the spiritual and physical needs of our local community. We are strongly convicted by the words of 2 Cor 9:6-15 and want to offer the opportunity to others to help us feed the LORD’s sheep. Fruits of His Labor would not be possible without the support of others that share in our vision and desire to serve God. If you are interested in serving by financially supporting this ministry, the following is a list of current project needs. We invite you to partner with us in prayer over these needs.


Koi Pond

The pond is what drives the system. This is where we need to begin. It will take a few months to get the fish large enough and the water ready to sustain plant growth. Last summer we dug the hole for the pond. It is 6ft wide by 18ft long by 4ft deep. I need to clean out the edges, corners and trench a path for the drain pipe. Installing the liner and assembling the plumbing for filtration should not be too difficult.

  • 30ft by 20ft Pond Liner-$400
  • 4 in Bottom Drain/Aerator-$250
  • Bio/Mechanical filter-$1500
  • PVC piping/fittings/valves-$300
  • Fish-$300
  • Total $2750

    Greenhouse structure

    We have two greenhouse frames already assembled and set in the ground. One is 36ft by 24ft and the other is 30ft by 20ft. All that is left for this project is installing the end walls, shade cover, and flooring.

  • Weed suppresser/flooring-$200
  • Shade cover-$300
  • Shade cover-$450
  • Large wall ends-$350
  • Small wall ends-$250
  • Total $1550

    Grow bed system

    We have half of the grow beds and cinder block stands for the smaller greenhouse, and the pumps and sump tank. I have a little repair work to do on the tank but that is a small. There is a lot of building that we need to do for this. We have to build the rafting system, run the plumbing to all of the grow beds, and connect it to the pond filtration system.

  • 5 4ft by 4ft by 2 ft grow bed-$500
  • Lumber for raft system-$500
  • Liner for raft system-$400
  • Grow media-$1500
  • PVC piping/fittings/valves-$300
  • Tray and cups-$250
  • Total $3450

    Bees and trees

    This past spring we got the Beehive and all its parts but mistimed the bee purchase. We can order the queen and colony at the end of the year early spring. We have planted 8 fruit trees but want to plant another 20 in that area this spring.

  • Bees-$250
  • Varity of fruit trees-$500
  • Total $750

    Water reclamation

    We want to start collecting the rain water from our roof and use it to water the trees next spring.

  • Rain gutters
  • Collection tank-$150
  • PVC piping/fitting/valves-$75
  • Drip hoses-$200
  • Total $425


    We are on a schedule that will keep us at 100 chickens year round by next year. We have 65 right now 35 are laying eggs and will buy 25 every six months. They lay eggs for about 2 years and we will rotate them out as we get new ones. We built a chicken house that will accommodate that many.

  • Pine shavings -$15 every month
  • Chicken scratch-$60 every month/ $120 every month when we reach 100 chickens
  • 25 baby chicken $75 every 6 months
  • Egg containers

    Tools and equipment

    Now that we are partnering with various groups that come out and work with us preparing and maintaining the garden, we are in need of some extra tools.

  • Shovels
  • Hoes
  • Pitch forks
  • Wheel barrows
  • Mulcher/Wood chipper

    We accept donations of English Standard Version Bibles to our ministry to distribute as we go around our community talking to people about the gospel and our ministry work. We hand out the “ESV Economy Bible”. They can be shipped by Crossway to us at Fruits of His Labor Ministries, 357 Reeves Ranch Rd., Victoria, TX,77905. To view the bible we use click this link